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Great company to deal with, fast delivery, and very helpful with my questions

Bryan (Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK) - Sep 2012

We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients

We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients


06.07.2017, 11:41

Brand new OPzV Tubular Gel deep-cycle batteries are now here!

Meet the latest addition to our catalogue of high quality 12V 100Ah batteries: our brand new OPzV Tubular Gel deep-cycle battery.

What are OPzV batteries?

OPzV batteries are a type of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery filled with special gel-type electrolyte, which also feature tubular plates.

OPzV is a German abbreviation, which stands for: Ortsfest (Stationary) Pz: Panzerplatte (Tubular plate) Verschlossen (Valve regulated).

What are the main benefits?

  • Thanks to their special tubular gel design, OPzV batteries can also withstand many more charge-discharge cycles compared to standard Gel and AGM batteries and typically last several years longer than standard Gel or AGM batteries.
  • These batteries are non-spillable, completely sealed and maintenance free - one of the safest batteries you can find.
  • They can withstand a wider temperature range than other batteries and are ideal for outdoor applications as low as minus 20˚C.
  • Gel OPzV batteries also hold their charge very well and have a low self-discharge rate.
  • They have a higher resistance to shock and vibration and do not need to be upright - they can be used on any of their sides.

See the full product details here.

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