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We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients

We are a trusted supplier to thousands of UK clients

Textured fibreglass solar panels

150W semi-flexible solar panel with rear junction box (made in Austria)

150W semi-flexible solar panel with rear junction box (made in Austria)
150W semi-flexible solar panel with rear junction box (made in Austria)
150W semi-flexible solar panel with rear junction box (made in Austria)
150W semi-flexible solar panel with rear junction box (made in Austria)

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This high efficiency waterproof 150W polycrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries to power various applications. The panel is ideal for curved roofs on boats, caravans, motorhomes, RVs etc. because it can easily fit to the shape of the roof when mounted. It is usually fitted to a roof using an adhesive (not included), but can also be secured using self-tapping screws, tenax fasteners or even zipping.

This particular model features the junction box and cables on the rear side of the panel to create a completely level surface and professional finish after installation. Please note that in order for this panel to be flush mounted, a recess must be created in the roof/ mounting surface.

Product features:

  • Special textured surface significantly reduces light reflection and improves performance in low light and cloudy conditions
  • Robust construction using plastic reinforced with glass fibre creates a sturdy and durable solar panel that can be walked on
  • Incredibly light (only 3.3kg) and very thin (just 2mm) which is great for motorhome and caravan roofs
  • High resistance to salt water environments and the sealed waterproof design make this solar panel perfect for boats and marine applications
  • Junction box on the back allows for a smooth and level surface, free of trip hazards and unsightly cables
  • 100% made in Austria to the highest European quality standards using Austrian and German components. IEC certified.


The textured surface of this solar panel reduces the reflection of light whilst maximising the absorption of light from every possible angle. This ensures high performance in low light or cloudy conditions, or when the light falls at an angle (in the morning, evening or winter).

The fibreglass plastic used in this solar panel is very strong and durable. When the solar panel is mounted on to a rigid surface, it is possible to walk on the solar panel in soft shoes (to prevent accidental scratches), which makes it the perfect choice for mounting on a boat deck. 

The solar panel is fitted with 2 x 0.9m cable (4.0mm2 cross section) with waterproof MC4 connectors which can be used for easy connectivity to your existing system, linking several panels together or for connecting 4mm extension cable.

Click on the Details and Specifications tab for more information about this product.


Solar panel specifications:

  • Peak power: 150W
  • Maximum power voltage: 18.7V
  • Maximum power current: 8.02A
  • Open circuit voltage: 22.54V
  • Short circuit current: 8.41A
  • Dimensions: 1498 x 673 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg


The product comes with a 2 year workmanship warranty which covers material and production defects. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

In addition, the solar cells are guaranteed to produce at least 90% of nominal power in 10 years after purchase and at least 80% of nominal power in 25 years after purchase. This warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the solar cells.



This solar panel is supplied with a detailed instruction manual explaining wiring and operations (see Documents tab).

Charging 12V battery: please note this panel requires a solar charge controller / regulator to charge a 12V battery, it cannot be connected directly to the battery. All of our solar charge controllers include a detailed instruction manual which explains the installation and wiring. To view the full range of solar charge controllers we offer, please visit the Solar Charge Controllers category of our online shop. For boats we particularly recommend our 20A waterproof solar charge controller.

Fitting: This flexible solar panel is normally fitted to a roof using a suitable sealant / adhesive (not included). 

This panel is designed to be flush mounted and therefore requires a recess to be cut into the mounting surface in order to fit the rear junction box and cables.

If you need help with your installation or have any technical questions we can provide FREE support - please contact us by email or phone (see Contact Us page for more information).



The following documents are available to download:

User manual for semi-flexible solar panels FLPRO series